Moya (2010)

Polyester, cotton, nylon
2.8m x 1m x 1m


Artist's Statement

This work reflects our global and my individual concerns about the impact that hot, polluted, cold and moist air has on the life, health and future of our planet earth.

Air in its pure state is colourless and odourless and essential for all forms of life.  Yet with industrial and chemical emissions, air is no longer pristine, but contaminated and dirty.  As a result CFC’s are depleting the protective ozone layer around the earth and weather patterns are changing throughout the world as the planet warms.

Our planet is experiencing more heat, more bush fires, more droughts, more melted icebergs and glaciers, more snow and ice and more flooded land and rising sea levels.
2010 was the hottest and wettest year ever and the coldest in some places too.

The result of these changes to the air is a vicious cycle of destruction to our, skies, lands and seas, our vegetation, our natural wildlife and our people.  What does the future hold for our children?

In 2011, the next Climate Change Conference is in Durban, South Africa, where I live. Hopefully it will provide some answers and solutions.