SOUTH AFRICA: Break the Silence Billboard (2005)

3m x 12m


Artist's Statement

Sponsored by Artists for Humanity, National Lottery and Durban Institute of Technology.

My work "Survival" speaks about animated existence, the soul, the spirit and endurance, continuing to exist in spite of danger. It also refers to life's fragility, in the very ethereal, impermanent and transparent nature of the materials used. As an artist I continue to use condoms in some of my works to try to promote public awareness to the fact that condoms can create a major difference between life and death, particularly in fighting the HIV / AIDS Pandemic.

I want to also draw attention to the female condom, little known about or used in South Africa. This gives women the power to protect themselves against HIV / AIDS as well as STD's and pregnancy

I like the fact that the word "SURVIVAL" contains within it the letters for the words "VIRUS", "SAVE LIFE!!!" and "VIVA".

Listen to the interview with Fiona on HIV/AIDS conducted by Dr Paul Sendziuk, School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide, Australia.