South African Newscoat (2001)

27 pvc coats, paper, plastic, audio tapes, film strips, video tapes, video, video monitor
300cm x 1350cm x 1200cm

Artist's Statement

The Coat is used here as a metaphor for protection of individuals, society, culture and history as well as a recognizable symbol of the human form. The six large works reflect my awareness of the spirit of South Africa, of Zulu culture and history, the transition from the apartheid era to post-apartheid democracy, South African news and how it impacts on our lives and the HIV/AIDS pandemic. They also reflect the traditional beadwork techniques and the energy and vibrancy of Kwazulu Natal where I live.

Newspapers protect society from the government. Are we really protected from the barrage of information that we receive on a daily basis from newspapers, television, radio? News that becomes imprinted onto and into our bodies and psyches. Of course we have the choice to read or listen or watch. Black safety coats - two yellow - 27 big city newspapers, television news. Environment, society, politics, sex, sport. Shield, overcoats, undercover.