Fiona Kirkwood

Fiona Kirkwood is a South African artist who lives in
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She works in fibre and mixed media
to produce contemporary sculptures and installations


galvanised painted steel, oilpaint, acrylic, sisal, feathers, bone, wood, quills


240cms x 100cms


The works were symbolic of the spirit of South Africa and the social and political turmoil of our times. I used the theme of the magical, protective talisman to project the eventual triumph of hope over despair. The talisman is a magical, protective charm worn or carried to avert evil from or bring good luck to its holder.

Taliman Figure 1988 - 1989
The figure is suspended in a colourful gateway as if entering a rite of passage. It appears to be surrounded by a protective aura and in its sexless self vibrates with life and colour. It appears to transcend life over death and hope over despair.



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